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Age Of Evolution-X-Men Evolution RPG!
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Welcome to Age Of Evolution, an X-Men role playing game set in Evolution.

We all hate them, but we gotta follow 'em!

  • This game has no rating, which means that I dont mind foul language, gore, or violence at all. But it also means there may be younger kids here, so keep that in mind when posting!
  • The odd mistake with grammer is alright, but please, dont let it get out of hand, for all our sakes! A few mistakes a post, any more than twenty and I'll be editing, and in big red letters will be the words 'Mind them grammers!' ^^ ye have been warned! And hey, dont blame me-blame my english teacher! Same goes for one liners.
  • Dont kill another character. Period. Or I'll be forced to kill yours.
  • Following that trend, dont play a character who's not yours.
  • Dont post your bio here-post it in the community made for that. The title should be 'Beam me up, Scotty!' so that I know you've read the rules.
  • You should make a new journal for each character. It can act like a journal that the character is writing in, and also what you make posts to the general community with.
  • If you are playing with someone who hasnt responded for two weeks and hasnt given an excuse for leaving your character dangling, feel free to drop that particular part without an explination or post saying where your character is going.
  • This is to do with joining. If you dont want to post your character bio in the joining community, email me with the bio, but make a post stating which character you have taken, and explain in it that the bio has been mailed to me, mmkay? Good ^__^

Got it? Good, good. Now, anymore on joining will be answered in the community made specifically for that, xaoe_join Otherwise...these characters are the ones who were taken before we decided to move here-

Cannonball/ Sam Guthrie - _cannon_ball
Cyclops/ Scott Summers - fatal_optic
Jean Grey - jeanniegrey
Shadowcat/ Kitty Pryde - meowsies
Wolfsbane/ Rahne Sinclair - frizbee_fanatic

Avalanche/ Lance Alvers - geo_disaster
Toad/ Todd Tolanski - tolansky

Gambit/ Remy Le Beau - ragun_cajun
Magneto/ Erik Lensherr - _magnet_
Pyro/ St. John Allerdyce - flameproof

Black Cat - catnipness
Renny/KD - krystleduparis
Drip - waterboy_0616
Savita -
Sashi -
Tyger/Hoshi Wang - _tyger

Exodus -
Spiderman/Peter Parker - aaron600

(The admin's journal is actually pyroduck. aoe_rpg was a but if an accident, but is also the 'bot', so to speak. The admin wont be the only one with the password XDD )

To join, go to xaoe_join and post there.
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