Rahne Sinclair (frizbee_fanatic) wrote in xaoe,
Rahne Sinclair

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walking home alone

Rahne had finished a fun-filled day at the park. She was pleased easily. As long as she could be outside in the fresh air she was happy. She turned a corner and realized it was getting dark.

Suddenly a rottwiler emerged from one of the alleys growling t her. At first she was scared and backed away slowly. As soon as she was sure that it was dark enough that no one would be able to see her clearly, she shifted into a wolf and growled back, but the dog didn't back down. It moved closer and backed her into a corner in the alley. She started to get scared but finally brought out her courage and pounced at him. The dog bit her at the throat and scratched her side. After a hard bite on the shoulder from Rahne the dog ran off. She shifted back and felt quite relived, even proud. She had actually been able to put her powers to good use.

After dusting herself off she noticed there was a wound still on her neck and a scratch on her side. Ignoring it, she turned and continued to head for home. She started to look at the shadows that nightfall had cast and started to get scared. Quickening her pase, she hoped nothing else bad would happen.
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