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Just a walk.

Setra, looked ahead, and walked on, pacinghimself, he walked at his own speed, down the sidewalk, while the cars roared by.   He took step after step, not slowing down.   He felt like taking his fist, and shoving it down his brothers throat, however, that wouldn't happen anytime soon, he didn't even know where his brother was, heck, he didn't know who he was.

He shoved his hands in his pockets.  Haven left too.  Probably with Cain, his, evil, maniac brother.  Saying his name left a disgusting taste in his mouth.  Well, he was pretty sure he wouldn't stop bothering him. 

"Wonder where Tyger is?" He said,

He had grown fond of Hoshi in the short time they had been together.  Hell, they robbed a bank together, but now, now he just needed time to clear his head.  Thinking, he turned the corner.  His sister ran off with his brother, who tryed to kill him?  Crazy.  He licked his lips he was getting hungy, he was always hungry. 

He kicked a pebble out of his way, he was obviously bored.  He decided to take a rest, he had been walking for a while.  He leaned against the side of a building, and shut his eyes, determined on walking again, after he caught his breath.  He shut his eyes, and started breathing slower, he ended up asleep.  As always. He stayed asleep for awhile, but woke up eventually. He tried to shake the 'cobwebs', he barely even knew where he was. Or even who he was. He looked around him, there was a man that had been there since he fell asleep.
"Hey," He said, "How long have I been out.... Five or ten minutes?"
"Five ten minutes???" The man replied, "Boy you've been out five, ten hours."
"Wha!? Crap." He started to get ready to bolt down the street, back to the hideout.
"Hey, hey, hey, I was kidding, you were right ten... At the least." The man turned and walked off.
He yawned, and rubbed his eyes. "Now it's time to see about breakfast." He said, He walked on, looking for a place to eat.

((OOC: A short thing, but I have to sleep... Don't I?))
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