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I do know I'm logged into my own account and not the bot one, but... [Mon, October 4th, 2004 @ 10:28pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Clicky ^

See that? Thats my domain. My new host for any site I'm planning on having in the future. I've worked hard on that, even though there isnt much up at the moment ^__^"

Anyway, I know I'm plugging, but there is a point to this, and anyways, its my community! I can plug!

I'll get to the point. I'm gonna have to...cut...a few of my sites through this move. A because I dont have time for them all anymore, B because I do have a limit on space and bandwidth, and even though I dont know what it is, I dont want to risk going over it, and C because its more difficult to update with this new thingum.

So...cut to the chase. Should I move this one? I mean, I dont have intentions of shutting it down, but I really do want your opinion before I get working on a fresh layout, etc, for it at the domain.

So, get back to me quickly on this. Thats my project I'm working on, and will be working on, for awhile now.


Mod post [Sun, October 3rd, 2004 @ 12:39pm]

[ mood | irritated ]

Mmkay, I know I said we were moving back on the 1st, and its now the 3rd, but I havent felt motivated enough to work on fixing the boards back again. And I've been working on another project (which is totally taking priority, because its the most important internet one I've ever done) so yer gonna have to wait to move back because I cant be arsed to do it now (hey, lets be honest!)

*goes to window to shout at those little brats outside playing with those little cracker things that if they dont stop scaring her dog, those little cracker things will end up somewhere the sun doesnt shine*


[Tue, September 28th, 2004 @ 8:12am]

Jean yawned as she finished her last homework problem, then stretched, pushing her books aside, and standing up. Enough was enough, she decided. She had just spent a few hours doing homework, which admittedly could have been done earlier, and now she was going to go outside and enjoy the nice weather.

Picking up the book she was in the middle of reading, Jean left her room, and, after carefully shutting the door behind her, began to descend the staircase.


Mod post [Tue, September 14th, 2004 @ 9:22pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

New rule.

Made simply because, back on the boards, threads were often left permanently, also leaving usually one character hanging.

So now, if your character is active in a thread which hasnt been replied to for two weeks, feel free to leave without explination. I've added this to the list of rules on the info page, along with another which isnt neccessarily important.

NOTE: this rule is effective from today, the 14th of September. Meaning that you will have to wait until atleast the 28th to leave a thread unnanounced ^__~ no matter how many days/whatever it has been inactive for up till now.

Any other rules anyone would like to be sorted? Any that you have dont like and would wish it to be taken down? LMK and I'll see what I can do.

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Just a walk. [Sun, September 12th, 2004 @ 1:35am]
[ mood | Hyper/Sleepy ]

Setra, looked ahead, and walked on, pacinghimself, he walked at his own speed, down the sidewalk, while the cars roared by.   He took step after step, not slowing down.   He felt like taking his fist, and shoving it down his brothers throat, however, that wouldn't happen anytime soon, he didn't even know where his brother was, heck, he didn't know who he was.

He shoved his hands in his pockets.  Haven left too.  Probably with Cain, his, evil, maniac brother.  Saying his name left a disgusting taste in his mouth.  Well, he was pretty sure he wouldn't stop bothering him. 

"Wonder where Tyger is?" He said,

He had grown fond of Hoshi in the short time they had been together.  Hell, they robbed a bank together, but now, now he just needed time to clear his head.  Thinking, he turned the corner.  His sister ran off with his brother, who tryed to kill him?  Crazy.  He licked his lips he was getting hungy, he was always hungry. 

He kicked a pebble out of his way, he was obviously bored.  He decided to take a rest, he had been walking for a while.  He leaned against the side of a building, and shut his eyes, determined on walking again, after he caught his breath.  He shut his eyes, and started breathing slower, he ended up asleep.  As always. He stayed asleep for awhile, but woke up eventually. He tried to shake the 'cobwebs', he barely even knew where he was. Or even who he was. He looked around him, there was a man that had been there since he fell asleep.
"Hey," He said, "How long have I been out.... Five or ten minutes?"
"Five ten minutes???" The man replied, "Boy you've been out five, ten hours."
"Wha!? Crap." He started to get ready to bolt down the street, back to the hideout.
"Hey, hey, hey, I was kidding, you were right ten... At the least." The man turned and walked off.
He yawned, and rubbed his eyes. "Now it's time to see about breakfast." He said, He walked on, looking for a place to eat.

((OOC: A short thing, but I have to sleep... Don't I?))

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A bored Pyro... [Tue, August 31st, 2004 @ 5:03pm]

[ mood | lonely ]

A squirrel dashed off up a tree as St. John Allerdyce walked through the Bayville park. He was bored, and the animals seemed to sense it. Well, he was making it obvious with long, deep sighs and stomping his feet like a two year old, not acting like a boy of seventeen should at all.

It was dark, too. Not the kind of time people, or mutants, usually take walks. But he wasnt normal at all, not even by mutant standards. He'd always been childish and immature, and impatient, to say the least. But it was worse now because for some reason he couldnt find the other Acolytes and, though he hated to admit it, he was lonely.

He slumped down against a large oak tree, a brave squirrel running over to him.

"G'day, mate." he smiled, reaching his hand out as though to pet the animal, though stopping rather short and just holding his hand out to see if it would come closer. It did, so he did stroke it, "You're a nice little thing, arent you? What's your name? Are you lost?"

It didnt cross the boy's mind that squirrel's could not possibly be lost, for they were wild animals and didnt need homes, but that was beside the point. He thought to himself that he might as well take the animal home, no one seemed to own it.

"Poor little thing, all on your own. Just like me. You can come home with me!" he beamed, picking the squirrel up gently. It didnt struggle, just looked at him as though he had three heads and five noses, "I'll look afer you and brush you and wash you and give you all the toys you could possibly want!" he paused, realizing he didnt have much money at the moment-he'd given it to Remy to buy some booze, "Um...when I have money, ok? I'll call you...Lassie!"

So he stood up and began to walk home, 'Lassie' wondering what it's fate would be.

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walking home alone [Tue, August 31st, 2004 @ 12:02am]

[ mood | scared ]

Rahne had finished a fun-filled day at the park. She was pleased easily. As long as she could be outside in the fresh air she was happy. She turned a corner and realized it was getting dark.

Suddenly a rottwiler emerged from one of the alleys growling t her. At first she was scared and backed away slowly. As soon as she was sure that it was dark enough that no one would be able to see her clearly, she shifted into a wolf and growled back, but the dog didn't back down. It moved closer and backed her into a corner in the alley. She started to get scared but finally brought out her courage and pounced at him. The dog bit her at the throat and scratched her side. After a hard bite on the shoulder from Rahne the dog ran off. She shifted back and felt quite relived, even proud. She had actually been able to put her powers to good use.

After dusting herself off she noticed there was a wound still on her neck and a scratch on her side. Ignoring it, she turned and continued to head for home. She started to look at the shadows that nightfall had cast and started to get scared. Quickening her pase, she hoped nothing else bad would happen.


Welcome! [Fri, August 6th, 2004 @ 1:52am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Welcome to Age Of Evolution!

Please read the rules before joining, and have fun!

I'll post properly tomorrow-I'm too tired right now!

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