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A bored Pyro...

A squirrel dashed off up a tree as St. John Allerdyce walked through the Bayville park. He was bored, and the animals seemed to sense it. Well, he was making it obvious with long, deep sighs and stomping his feet like a two year old, not acting like a boy of seventeen should at all.

It was dark, too. Not the kind of time people, or mutants, usually take walks. But he wasnt normal at all, not even by mutant standards. He'd always been childish and immature, and impatient, to say the least. But it was worse now because for some reason he couldnt find the other Acolytes and, though he hated to admit it, he was lonely.

He slumped down against a large oak tree, a brave squirrel running over to him.

"G'day, mate." he smiled, reaching his hand out as though to pet the animal, though stopping rather short and just holding his hand out to see if it would come closer. It did, so he did stroke it, "You're a nice little thing, arent you? What's your name? Are you lost?"

It didnt cross the boy's mind that squirrel's could not possibly be lost, for they were wild animals and didnt need homes, but that was beside the point. He thought to himself that he might as well take the animal home, no one seemed to own it.

"Poor little thing, all on your own. Just like me. You can come home with me!" he beamed, picking the squirrel up gently. It didnt struggle, just looked at him as though he had three heads and five noses, "I'll look afer you and brush you and wash you and give you all the toys you could possibly want!" he paused, realizing he didnt have much money at the moment-he'd given it to Remy to buy some booze, "Um...when I have money, ok? I'll call you...Lassie!"

So he stood up and began to walk home, 'Lassie' wondering what it's fate would be.
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